by Diggs Duke

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A book simply being left open doesn't make it worthy of a reader's attention. But, after a few pages, one can tell whether that book will remain intact on some tabletop or be ruined by repeated use over months and years of a life. There is a gravitational pull that, at times, lures us back to a favorite work by a favorite creative being. And no special effects could ever replace what really makes a great work of art in any field; CONTENT.

This collection of original music composed by Diggs Duke epitomizes that very theory that we all wish to believe. It's elegant design lies not in how it sounds on your car stereo, but in how it will integrate into your life. These songs were made for you to hum as you pick apples at the grocery store. They were made for you to sing as you feed your children or rock them to sleep. In their spawning of new concepts and recycling of seemingly old cliches, you will find, above all, a message and a melody.

*Bonus Track included when you download.

**The song "Blue & Blue" is no longer included in this collection and will possibly be reissued in a future project.

Original Release Date: December 1, 2011


released 11 October 2013

All music and lyrics written by Diggs Duke

Diggs Duke - Vocals, Keyboards, Electric Bass, Alto Saxophone, Percussion, Drum Programming, Electric Guitar

Conor Mulroy - Mandolin (on "Gravity")



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Diggs Duke Washington, D.C.

Winding horn lines and electric guitar passages. Vocals used sparingly over a transition. Djembe played in a tug-of-war with a drum machine. This is the sound of Diggs Duke's music, which can be characterized as a fresh, yet familiar interpretation of the bond between Soul and Jazz music. Listen. ... more

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Track Name: Gravity
The leaves had fallen from their respective place of being
All of the windows were open
I imagined mountains each and every time you breathed
Meaningless words were spoken
You looked as if you'd loved someone before
But not I
So, could I be your pupil in this game of gravity
Mysterious forces are pulling me to you

Did my fortune lie in the bowels of a bottle?
I ask “Did my fortune lie?”
Am I where I'm supposed to be?
Perhaps, because one can't contradict gravity
Track Name: Funky Overdose
Give it up on the 1
Not enough
Gimme some Gimme more
Gotta have it more than most

Give it up on the 2
Mixing a perfect brew
I'm about to have a funky overdose
Track Name: Welcome
Welcome Welcome Welcome ooooo
Come on in
Take a seat
Track Name: The Epic Lie
The more we play these lame games
the more that we stall
the more that we roam
further from home
denying the past and holdin on
to our selfish selfish ways

the more we take ourselves for granted and behave
in the strangest ways
on a day to day
believing in everything that's said
like a fool
swimming in an empty pool

these eyes once upon a time
could see only the moment
to what's beyond we were blind
but now that it all has come to pass
the epic lie
now we've unsubscribed

These times are just the same as all
We jump to answer the stranger's beckon call
We even pass the practice on to the seeds
And tell 'em that it's all they need

And if you don't say no, you know
You might never know
There's only so far to go
'til you know
what they say you'll never know